AutotoolsForISIS builds Apps Now

AutotoolsForISIS is our handy dandy AutoTools build system applicator for USGS’s ISIS3 software. Building their software directly was too difficult because their current system is essentially custom makefiles. We could have wrote something to change their hardcoded paths to libraries to match something on our systems, but I wanted greater control. Specifically I like having support for libtool files, rpaths, and parallel builds. This makes it possible for Ames Stereo Pipeline to have a somewhat neutered version of ISIS3 built inside of it. The other alternative was linking the user’s own downloaded copy of ISIS but that would have broken or ability to be Linux distro invariant. (We actually attempted this method in the 1.0 releases of ASP.)

Previously I stopped the “Autotools applied build system for ISIS” from making the executables because we didn’t have a need for them in ASP. We just wanted to compile against ISIS’s camera models. Tonight however I wanted to use ISIS on some old RHEL5 machines we still have on the network at NASA Ames. Unfortunately, USGS stopped building ISIS for old systems like RHEL5! This blight caused me to now add in application building. Now BinaryBuilder produces ISIS applications and they operate anywhere the compilation does. You can also build “Autotools applied ISIS3” by hand too.

There is one catch; AutotoolsForISIS doesn’t support any of ISIS’s GUIs. I’m lazy on Sunday and didn’t want to fiddle with the QISIS module or library thing they have. Qview, Qmos, Qtie and the like are thus not built. It also doesn’t build cnethist, hist, phohillier, or spkwriter due to linking issues I haven’t worked out yet. But the important stuff like spiceinit and all the *2isis and *cal applications are there and working.