My name is Zack Moratto (Moh-rot-toe) and this is my blog about topics which interest me. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering but enjoy all things about visual inertial odometry, 3D reconstruction, and planetary cartography. Currently I work at Google in the Daydream division doing motion tracking for AR/VR on Tango cellphones, Daydream headsets, and other vehicles. Previously I worked at NASA Ames Research Center doing 3D mapping for Earth, Mars, Moon, and anywhere else we have a camera by helping to author the open source packages Vision Workbench and Ames Stereo Pipeline. I also did robotics on the International Space Stations for projects like Smart SPHERES and AstroBee (open source soon?). In my free time when I want to get away from the technical, I help teach circus moves on aerial straps in Redwood City alongside Stacy and Ariel. I hope my collection of notes and articles here are interesting and useful to you. If you have questions, please write.

Contact Information

email: zmoratto+lunokhod [at] gmail [dot] com