Zack Moratto

I’m an engineer at NASA Ames Research Center with a nonsensical title of Geospatial Architect. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering but I take advantage of my ill-constrained title by working a broad range of topics such stereo processing, multiple view geometry, and visual inertial odometry. I study these topics with an eye for application to cartography and free flyer robotics. My goal is to leverage the resources available to me at NASA to expand my knowledge in these fields and to share with others. One way in which my co-workers and I have been able to contribute back is with projects like Vision Workbench and Ames Stereo Pipeline. With these tools we hope to lower the cost of automated 3D mapping of Earth, Mars, Moon and everywhere else with satellite imagery. The other way I hope to contribute is by keeping this blog which will document ideas, algorithms, and papers I come across. I hope that at least some of the ideas I write about are of use to you. If you feel a strong connection to the work, please write! I’m always looking for collaborators to work along side with.

Contact Information

email: zachary [dot] m [dot] moratto [at] nasa.gov