Automatic Production of HiRISE DEMs 2

I’m still heating my apartment with HiRISE processing. For details how I’m creating this, please look at this previous post. Let’s look at the recent results!

ESP_011265_1560 and ESP_011331_1560, requested by timparker. This stereo pair was a nightmare. D_sub said part of the south part of the image could be correlated even though only one of the images saw that part. Then in full resolution integer correlation, the algorithms went into an aggressive search for a match that didn’t exist. The end result meant that stereo took 15 days to complete! Yikes!

ESP_011287_2165 and ESP_011564_2165, requested by mcewen. Stereo finished in 5 hours.

ESP_011290_1800 and ESP_011778_1800, requested by mcewen. Stereo finished in 12 hours. It looks like stereo mis-guessed the correlation parameters for the crater chain, thus the long processing time.

ESP_011293_1710 and ESP_019218_1710, requested by cweitz. Stereo finished in 5 days! This might be because there is a lot of disparity happening this image. This is one of those problems where local homography transforms or epipolar alignment would make a major contribution in speed.

ESP_011310_1395 and ESP_011811_1395, requested by jwray. Stereo finished in 2 days. I’m disappointed that the mesa’s edges didn’t come out.

ESP_011314_1585 and ESP_011595_1585, requested by mcewen. Interest point detection failed in preprocessing. ASP just gave up and never completed anything. It is not clear to me why this didn’t work.

ESP_011319_2100 and ESP_011464_2100, requested by ltornabene. Stereo finished in 2 hours.

ESP_011339_1665 and ESP_011972_1665, requested by ltornabene. Stereo finished in 9 hours.

ESP_011350_0945 and ESP_011351_0945, requested by cjhansen. Stereo finished in 2 hours.

ESP_011365_1365 and ESP_011642_1365, requested by alxla. Stereo finished in 11 hours.

ESP_011371_1730 and ESP_011516_1730, requested by rbeyer. Stereo finished in 15 hours.

ESP_011372_1730 and ESP_012295_1730, requested by mcewen. Stereo finished in 9 hours.