Ames Stereo Pipeline and Earth

I’ve been working on Ames Stereo Pipeline for about 4 years now. During that time the developers and I have always been focusing on what we could do with data that has come from NASA satellites. So we’ve produce 3D models of the Moon, Mars, and of the moons of Saturn. Recent work however has allowed us to produce 3D models of data much closer to home.

Earth example from ASP

In the next ASP release, I’m happy to announce that we will be providing limited support for processing images from Digital Globe satellites. Digital Globe sells images of Earth via World View and Quick Bird satellites. Their imagery is commonly seen in the base layer of Google Earth. ASP was recently awarded a grant to add support for those images to allow mapping of Earth’s polar regions.

Just last week I was able to produce ASP’s first 3D model of Earth using World View data. The image is a screenshot of the colormap DEM output draped in Google Earth. The area is just west of Denver in the Rockies and the imagery represented a huge challenge for ASP. There were lots of trees that make template correlation difficult. The mountains also made for a massive search range, which allowed outliers to make their way into the final result. Even though, we were still able to produce a result. I’m very proud of this result as it leaves me with confidence that ASP will do well in the polar regions where the terrain is not as aggressive.